The Policy prohibits Retaliation.  Retaliation is acts or words taken against an individual because of the individual’s participation in a protected activity that would discourage a reasonable person from engaging in protected activity. Protected activity includes an individual’s good faith: (i) participation in the reporting, investigation or resolution of an alleged violation of this Policy; (ii) opposition to policies, practices, or actions that the individual reasonably believes are in violation of the Policy; or (iii) requests for accommodations on the basis of religion or disability. Retaliation may include intimidation, threats, coercion, or adverse employment or educational actions. Retaliation may be found even when an underlying report made in good faith was not substantiated. Retaliation may be committed by the Responding Party, the Reporting Party or any other individual or group of individuals.

Report Retaliation and Find Support

*If the concern about Retaliation involves the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office or Title IX Compliance Coordinator, you may contact the Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement.