Interpersonal Violence

The Policy prohibits Interpersonal Violence.  Interpersonal Violence (commonly referred to as intimate partner violence, dating violence, domestic violence and relationship violence), can encompass a broad range of abusive behavior committed by a person who is or has been:

  • In a romantic or intimate relationship with the Reporting Party (of the same or different sex);
  • The Reporting Party’s spouse or partner (of the same or different sex);
  • The Reporting Party’s family member; or
  • The Reporting Party’s cohabitant or household member, including a roommate.

Whether there was such relationship will be gauged by its length, type, and frequency of interaction. Reports of Interpersonal Violence that do not involve one of these specified relationships or do not involve an individual’s Protected Status will be resolved under the Honor Code, which is part of the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance.

Interpersonal Violence includes physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions that a reasonable person in similar circumstances and with similar identities would find intimidating, frightening, terrorizing, or threatening. Such behaviors may include threats of violence to one’s self, one’s family member, or one’s pet.

Report Interpersonal Violence and Find Support